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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day 7 :: Another Award And a Tag

First of all apologies for being so late in updating my today's post. It was my Yoga evening and hence the delay.

umm... how do I start? First of all THANKS to Uma for being so generous with the blog awards. And also sorry girl, for not taking it up any earlier. Hope you didn't think I'd pass it!

So I get

Aren't they lovely? I am all smiles. Thanks really! Like blog awards function tradition, I am supposed to pass on this award to fellow bloggers. And I read only a handful of yous! ;) There is a sea of bloggers who write wonderfully, much better than I do! So instead of nominating people, let me pass this award to all the bloggers who are committed to blogging and love their spaces to pieces. Many people start a blog but soon neglect it, since they can't seem to keep up with the writing bit. Hence,consider yourself awarded if you are in the category.

Also I am supposed to write 7 random facts about myself.

1. I am weaker than I thought I was. Physically and emotionally as well. Of late anything hurts me and tears sting in my eyes at slightest provocation.

2. I can live without the television but not without the internet.

3. I forgive, but never forget.

4. I have many unfulfilled wishes. Some of them remain so due to my laziness!

5. I thought it' d be scary to mother a child. Now I am loving it.

6. I do not place trust in anyone easily. I am a doubtful person and will doubt even the most genuine intentions. Perhaps that's just the way I am. Ask KK.


7. I drink very less water. :( Maybe just like a glass or two in a day. On the other hand, all through the night I finish a bottle of water! :|

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