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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 22 :: You speak

I am trying something new here. Usually it is me who writes on this blog. My opinions, my stance, my cooking, my experiences. It is all about me. 

There are so many people who read my blog. I come to know about it when they say so personally either to me or to my parents/ husband. Not everyone is comfortable to speak out in the comments sections. But I am sure everyone has their say. I respect the fact that some may not be the "commentors"

Recently, I made some new mommy friends. We are bonded by one common factor motherhood. Each one is beautiful in their own way. Each one is fighting their own battle though outwardly they are calm, composed and content. While in the beginning everyone seemed to live a glossier life than mine, over a period of time, I realise none of them were having a cake walk of life. Just like me they are struggling with something. They are truly an inspiration! 

To look for inspiration, to find a new leash in life, all you have to do is see around you! Here is where you come in the picture. I have learnt that each one, though seems self satisfied, is making an effort to overcome their hurdles. I would love to know from you, what drives you to stay motivated. What keeps you strong and driven? 

Why I ask this is because there are times when I think I am alone in all this. It feels unfair to be suffering (yeah a tad too harsh a word for me to use) while others are blessed with everything. 

No matter how you word it. How much or how little but do tell. Every one has their hidden strengths that sets you afloat. I would live to know what it is in you! 

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  1. My gratefulness and acceptance for what all I have keep me going. My younger sister had bone cancer when she was just 17 years old, my mom too is a cancer survivor. After seeing them going through so much and still keeping positive outlook, my battles and issues seem really trivial. I feel so so grateful to have them in my life.
    Somehow, we forget how short life is with mundane tasks and many expectations. Its not always easy to follow, but I try to expect less and always be thankful.


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