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Friday, 9 September 2011

Ooooo Baby Baby - Baby Update 05/09


I SAW JR.!!!! Damn, I saw Jr. and still find it difficult to believe it! S.T.I..L.L! There s/he was, waving at me with tiny fists. And saw a lot more than the previous U/S! Eyes, nose, lips, head, heart, hands, legs, toes..... oooooo those toes are sooooooooooooo small and cute! Looks like, Jr.'s inherited Daddy darling's nose! X( ... I wanted my nose there!! :| :|

The images were so angelic, especially the 3D face one, that I wanted to hug and kiss the screen repeatedly! I  did not want the session to stop! :) :D Babies in-utero are super cute and mine is the cutest!!!! :) I know every mommy must feel the same. :)

There are more reasons for my heady happiness! I was a bit apprehensive as I was not "showing adequately" according to the "experienced" ladies. Though I was not overtly tensed in any manner, I was a bit anxious. Although, through tests and scan, came to know that everything is progressing as it should. :D

Vital Stats : (now with a different meaning altogether!)

6th Month : 21 weeks

Weight : 57 kgs (yipppeee... an increase of 2 kgs, as was supposed to be)

Blood Pressure : Normal

Hemoglobin : On border, a bit lower. But nothing to worry.

Glucose : Normal

U/s : excitingly Normal

Tum-tum : Baby bump shows indeed! :) :) :)

Baby Kicks and Hiccups : Stronger and more so during night time, which keeps me awake. I hope Jr. doesn't turn out to be a nocturnal!

Yeah I know you are waiting to see if I put up the baby snap, lekin the doc here said they don't give baby pics! :| But i requested... ahem, ahem, emotionally blackmailed, and got a pic of hand and fist and 3d face pic. But it is too small to figure out, and I am super aalsi to go and scan. In fact, facial features are not even recognizable in print!

What am I craving? 

Nothing much. In fact I am craving less than I used to before I was pregnant, or married even.

That's it for today. Until the next time, toodloo!


  1. Well this is certainly exciting for a first time mom! During the time I was pregnant we only got images of the baby on a negative. So it was actually difficult to imagine it as something live!!! I wasn't showing enough either. My baby was really small when she was born 2.4kgs. But dont worry they grow ( to 51kgs today:-)) Wish you all the very best for a safe delivery

  2. yes, I got the images in negative too. Glad to see you being so positive during the pregnancy. It really helps..keep it up and take care..:-)

  3. Thanks, Meera and Uma! Your comments are always so reassuring! :)

  4. check out the comment status in your latest post, purnima; the post does not have post a comment link to it.

  5. @ Uma! :D Thanksee... good to know that you are paying attention! :) I have disabled the comments for the post. :)

  6. Nothing.... there's nothing to gather comments for. :P It's just a seasonal rant. :)


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