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Monday, 7 October 2013

TOUCH Thursday Prompt no. 1 - For that Friend I long

We grow to believe during our childhood, or schooldays that friends are forever. That the equation, camaraderie, comfort remains the same, come what may. I have learnt the hard way that nothing is permanent. Not even friendship. At least it is not the same as it started out to be.

One shares a relationship with a friend. And like many others, it goes through a sea of changes. It evolves. Some events bring friends closer while some tear them irreparably apart. Ego, betrayal, non communication, misunderstanding are the strongest and fastest killers of friendships.

To have a friend above all that would be difficult to find, but not impossible. Two girls that I have grown with and have shared so much, are at the core of my life. All three of us being the same age, go through similar experiences that life throws at stipulated periods. Empathy has brought us closer. Whether it was the pressure of board exams or anxiety of getting married, we have been through it together. We find solace in venting out in each others' company. Although we try not to be judgmental, it does happen. We blame; we have that unsaid I-am-upset-with-you phases. We are humans and we err. The essence of it is, we forgive misgivings and carry on like before.

Being there for a friend in happiness is desirable. The joy only multiplies. I remember when I broke the news of my pregnancy to these girls over a video chat. They cried. I had not expected them to cry over my great news, but they did. And in that just moment I knew these two were for real and for the keeps.

No one can deny the emotional support that a friend extends during the "down" part. Sometimes things get so bad that everything looks hazy. The mind is so clouded that it refuses to see a path through it. All you need is a fresh perspective and some non sugarcoated words of reason. Recently, some sudden turn of events left me perplexed. The chaos was mindboggling. Needless to say it was some encouragement that helped me pull away from the obvious distress.

I am absolutely keeping these two for an entire lifetime. We have discussed education, we have suffered the "groom hunt", we have undergone pains of pregnancy and infanthood of our kids. There is a lot more we have to see as a team. We may be continents and time zones apart, but we remain connected through hearts.


This is my first attempt at writing prompts. While I was a little skeptical, I have gone for it this time since it is hosted by one of my favorite authors, Preeti Shenoy. Check out this link if you are interested enough in doing the prompt yourself.

TOUCH - The One You Cannot Have, is her next release.

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  1. Your writing is excellent and exceptional babe. As always, I love it.

  2. :) I always believed "friends are forever" until recently when I realized that nothing is permanent, not even friendship...But that does not mean you cannot cherish the good old days of the past :) Those memories will always be etched in the mind....I have just 1 friend who I can say has been with me for many years but I don't have any one person who has been there since childhood...At one point, I used to feel, "is something wrong with me that I have no such friendships to brag about?" but today I am content with what I have :) My friends are irreplaceable :) :) so what if they have been in my life for not a very long duration!

    1. Each individual evolves according to the experiences he has had. As life progresses the definition of a friend and friendship keeps changing.
      There are times when I too think that perhaps I am not worthy enough for people to be considered as friend. But that is just a phase. :)
      I am also grateful for who I have in my life as friends, even if they are fleeting relationships.

  3. good flow of writing..every relationship is permanent. it just fades its brightness over time. :) some lines are longer and bolder, but some are short and lighter.. :)

    1. Now that you say "every relationship is permanent", I am inclined towards believing it. Even if you lose contact or are no longer on talking terms, that person remains in your mind forever.

      Welcome here!


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